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 Mining Laser Rule!

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Mining Laser Rule! Empty
PostSubject: Mining Laser Rule!   Mining Laser Rule! I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 24, 2012 5:23 pm

Mining Lasers Are Only for Donators As of Now

If you are a donator ($10) you are permitted to use mining lasers as much as you like. However if you are not a donator and you are seen using a mining laser you will be immediatly banned. This is maily for the protection of the server and your personal bases. Please work with me on this new rule, and if you see anyone using a mining laser that dosen't have a Donator.[name] for their name in chat please notify a admin or moderator. Anyone is still allowed to make, sell and buy mining lasers however. If anyone has further questions on this rule please message me in-game.

Notice: If you had a mining laser before this rule, please notify me and I wil re-endorse your materials you lost from making it.
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Mining Laser Rule!
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